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[12 Dec 2004|04:04pm]
so i finally got a pass and im chilin on a computer at Fort Leonardwood
I just graduated BCT yesterday night. Im moving onto AIT next.
I come home on the 18th of December.
I miss all of you soo much.
And i miss real food.
Lemme tell ya, the food here sucks and you're ALWAYS hungry from all the exercise.
Ill see you all soon hopefully.

- PVT Harris, Scott :)
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[28 Oct 2004|10:53am]
So I was supposed to leave today for Fort Leonard Wood. My recruiter fucked somthing up so now im not leaving till NEXT week. Which sucks because i was all mentally prepared and excited. So now im here for another week. GREAT! One more week of no job and my life just "paused."
At least i have my loving girlfriend. Maybe this is good though so i can spend some time with some of my good friends whom i might have slightly neglected.

Guess how im getting money. Im selling off parts of my computer. Yeah. I made fifty bucks off one of my hard drives.

I was in Washington DC this last week. It was excellent. I learned ALOT. My hotel was a block away from where Lincoln was shot. And about 3 blocks away from the white house. It was cool. Anyone who hasnt been should definitely visit our nations capital.

When i got back this last weekend i realized how much Zionsville feals like home to me now. Im gonna miss this place so much when im in Missouri. Pretty much my only free time will be spent writing people. so leave me your address and ill write you.
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[13 Aug 2004|12:12am]
"This pistol is my ministry"

I ship out on Oct. 13th for Basic Combat, and MOS training.
My approximate date of return is some time around March (20 weeks).
I am a Private in the 38th Comp. Military Police (Bravo 31) stationed here in Indianapolis.
Im not leaving here for good, just going to basic. So ill be back by this spring.
Ill serve one weekend a month and 15 days a summer and goto college for free here.
Pretty cool stuff. I get a 2 week break for Christmas too, which will be awesome.
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